Repair Balm 15ml
Repair Balm 15ml

Repair Balm 15ml


A multi-purpose balm made with nature's most powerful plants. It contains olive oil, helichrysum flower, sea buckthorn fruit and other rich extracts. Ideal for your lips, face and body.

- Moisturizes and protects dry skin

- Repairs chapped lips

- Softens skin and protects/treats stretch marks

- Soothes irritations and redness caused by sunburn

- Helps in the treatment of eczema

15 ml



NO: parabens, stabilizers, synthetic dyes, synthetic ingredients, perfumes, preservatives 

NO: animal testing

100% recyclable, biodegradable containers

Handmade in Greece


8.00 €
(VAT 24%)

Push from the bottom up until your balm comes out. Knock on a hard surface to get it back in.

You may notice a sinkhole in the middle of the balm. It is not a fault! The balms are handmade and sinkholes are created during the pouring process.

Extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, sweet almond, shea butter, cocoa butter, Helichrysum, sea buckthorn, sage, calendula, sunflower.

Lightly scented with Grapefruit and Petitgrain essential oil.

-Hydrates, moisturizes, heals and protects the irritating cracked skin.

-Heals chapped lips naturally

-Stretch marks treatment

-Sunburn soother

-Heals eczema

About Laouta:

Who we are
Laouta natural products is a small family business which unites the expertise and long-standing experience in cosmetics, horticulturalism, and chemical engineering, of its founding members. Using 100% natural, locally sourced, vegetarian ingredients, we offer a selection of cold-process soaps, moisturizing oils, balms and other skincare products, inspired by traditional Mediterranean recipes.

Our values
From the ingredients that we use to the way we create our products, we place the outmost importance on quality. All our products are made by hand, in small quantities, using handpicked, locally sourced, all vegetarian ingredients. Extra virgin olive oil and wild herb extracts form the basis to our recipes, which make laouta natural products unique.

Our approach to production
Our products come in 100% recyclable, biodegradable containers. They do not contain parabens, stabilizers, synthetic dyes, synthetic ingredients, perfumes or preservatives.

The production process does not burden the environment and does not involve animal testing.

Laouta natural products are subject to fair trade rules both in terms of production and final pricing. Our mission is to produce and promote high-quality herbal cosmetics that are affordable and can be enjoyed on a daily basis.