Dittany Natural Essential Oil
Dittany Natural Essential Oil
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Dittany Natural Essential Oil

Certified Organic

This certified organic essential oil of Bioselect can be used on your neck and waist, as it soothes the pains, on burns, cuts, wounds and insect bites, as it provides healing effect and in small amounts on your face as it treats acne and oiliness.

5 ml/0.17 fl.oz.

100% natural essential oil from herbs of Organic cultivation 


Cert.: IT 055 BC No 040

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• Add 15-20 drops of Dictamos essential oil in 50 gr. of Jojoba oil or Almond oil and massage nape and back to relieve any pain.
• With 15-30 drops in 50 gr. of Jojoba oil or Almond oil heal lesions, burns and stings of insects, as well as confront the acne and oiliness by massaging the face with a few drops of oil.
• Moreover fight cellulite by dripping 3 drops of essential oil in the sponge of bathroom and making massage with circular movements.

Never be used undiluted

Keep it away from children

Keep it away from eyes and sensitive skin

Dictamnus Creticus Oil, Linalool

Essential oils by BlOselect®

The oils of aromatic plants are known from the antiquity in therapeutic pharmacology and perfumery, in hygiene and as an ideal perfume for the place of rest and meditation.
Nowadays people began to use essential oils again recognizing the great benefits from their use for therapeutic purposes but also emphasise on the influence which could have on mental health due to their characteristic smell.
The essential oils are blends of volatile substances without water that are produced in the body of plants and evaporated easily releasing in the atmosphere a particularly intense smell which also characterizes them.
The organism and the particular metabolism of each aromatic plant
produce essential oil with its own characteristic smell and its own particular attributes. Thus, each essential oil is used for a particular and special purpose.
Scientific researches have shown that the Cretan ground produces aromatic plants with unique attributes, rich in essential oils and substances, such as dictamos, precious for the human health and the longevity.
BlOselect ® produces natural essential oils only from selected native plants of rich in flora Cretan ground, certified organic.
The certification is carried out by ICEA which is one worldwide recognized organization for organic product's certifications.