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Kalliope’s is a line of natural cosmetics and wellness products, handmade in small batches in Lefkas Island. It is a family-run in a small lab in a mountainous village, offering you a healthy and ethical alternative to store-bought industrial products.

The uniqueness of Kalliope’s formulas lies in their content in potent botanical extracts of the highest purity. That is ensured by our commitment to produce those extracts in-house, from wild or organically-grown plants.

Our knowledge draws from both traditional herbalism and modern scientific research, constantly evolving.

We choose to avoid use of any ingredients with health and environmental concerns.

Our products are free of petrochemicals, harsh preservatives, chemically manufactured dyes and non-biodegradable compounds.

Sourcing of ingredients and manufacturing process are kept as low waste and energy efficient as possible, while producing no environmental pollutants.

As for packaging, we prefer the choice of containers that are reusable and recyclable. Secondary packaging and labels are recyclable and/or compostable.

Kalliope’s is all about:

  • High quality, clean ingredients of minimal processing
  • Simple, effective formulations
  • Sustainably sourced and packaged
  • Optimized for health – made with only natural and safe ingredients
  • Enriched with the powerhouse of Nature – filled with the complexity of beneficial natural ingredients, from vitamins to antioxidants to unique phytochemicals

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